Front lines Investigation of Environmental Landscapes from a Diverse perspective

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SRI FIELD News is to provide meaningful perspective from the next generation for future generations. With reporting done by SRI youth leaders while in the field on a deployment, our environmental concerns and issues are brought to a more substantial light in hopes that more demographics find it imperative to take immediate personal action. Deployments take place on
public lands, wildlife refuges, and sacred Indian nation territory - all which hunger for a need to be advocated and supported for protection.

Funded by Meyer Memorial Trust

Arctic Circle / Alaska Cross-Cultural Science Exploration

What happens when you merge inner-city youth and veterans together on a once-in-a-lifetime deployment to the top of the world’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Witness the relationships forged while experiencing Mother Nature and Her healing powers through the lens of a veteran and youth. Learn how conservation becomes another ‘participant’ and the experience is equally shared with arduous moments of valuable life lessons. Journey into wild Alaska with us as we then connect with Alaska Geographic youth on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. This is the stage where inner city youth become the teacher and veterans become the guide, all emerging in Alaska’s rugged yet pristine stage.

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Saved by Axe

There’s no doubt that dogs make us better humans, and a special chocolate Lab called Axe is a perfect example . Named for a fallen Navy Seal, Axe is a service dog trained to help a U.S. war veteran stay calm in the face of his PTSD symptoms. Chad and Axe are inseparable—when they travel, in business meetings, everywhere they go—and their connection is built on trust. But when Axe’s service dog vest comes off, the role of working dog goes with it, and the playfulness and joy of a beloved companion animal emerges. Axe does important, purposeful work—the kind that makes a crucial difference in Chad’s life—and he still gets to be a goofy, fun playmate.

Angler's Quest

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Military Vets

Arctic trip with urban youth

Alaska Cross Cultural Exploration

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