Emergent Expeditions

Our goal at Emergent Expeditions is to remove the stress from researching and booking your next angling adventure. At the same time we want to make it even easier for you to directly give back to the next generation of aspiring anglers in need.

Molding Our Future

Giving back and making a difference in our community is truly the foundation of our underlying mission. Here at Emergent Expeditions, every client is directly involved in molding the future and changing lives of both intercity youth and Military Veterans that aspire to get outdoors and learn more about the angling experience and conservation. We have created a one of a kind program to facilitate this for our clients and we have call it: Book One – Hook One! Click the link below to discover more about this pioneering program. http://www.emergentexpeditions.com/book-one-hook-one

Emergent Expeditions

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