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Soul Mountain

Advanced Youth Leadership Opportunities

Special operations of advance leadership mentored and fostered by veteran leaders.

Soul Mountain is a small group that focus specifically on youth leaders whom are seeking advanced leadership and pursuing conservation as a career. Soul Mountain uses unconventional education in the field working closely with conservation groups to help achieve the highest caliber of youth leaders SRI can foster. This program offers deeper learning and hands-on experiences with leaders working in conservation, further underlining the growing expertise of youth leaders as voices for conservation. Soul Mountain focuses on supporting and providing pathways to further mentorship, higher education and workforce opportunities related to conservation.

Arctic Conservation & Humanitarian Task Force |The Hunt 2020

Date: August 15-25, 2020

Location : Arctic Village, Alaska Arctic Circle

Soul River Inc will return to the Arctic to deepen and continue to enrich our strong partnership with the Gwich’in community. We will be working in collaboration with the Gwich’in community gaining knowledge on the importance of protecting wild landscapes, adventure through story and culture, and growing leadership in the Arctic. This year we will return to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and to the Arctic Village working closely with tribal leadership. Our connection between tribal community leaders and Soul River is an ongoing relationship that is becoming a growing program for Soul River, creating a lasting supportive partnership. We will establish an environmental, educational basecamp to engage, build, and advocate for one of our planet’s few remaining pristine ecosystems, the Arctic. This deployment is the pinnacle of joint efforts between veterans and young leaders of tomorrow in partnership with the Gwich’in community through cultural immersion and environmental engagement. Cross-cultural engagement is a central objective and is fundamental to our main conservation goal of protecting sensitive landscapes. Our mission forward project this year has been identified between the president of Soul River Inc. and Gwich’in Chief Gatlin. Soul River will help finish building the Gwich’in community church where the Gwich’in community attends service every Sunday and it is also the cornerstone of Gwich’in faith. Soul River Inc. will learn firsthand through cultural immersion living amongst the Gwich’in in the Arctic Village. We will implement an interactive, non-traditional classroom in the village where SRI will observe and discuss concerning issues, both environmentally and socially, with the Gwich’in community. The expedition will conclude with Gwich’in tribal leaders appointed by Chief Gatlin and the Gwich’in hunters for the village coordinating a hunting camp with Tribal Administrator, Tiffany Yatlin to observe a Caribou migration/hunt lead by Gwich’in tribal hunters. At the established camp, SRI youth and veterans will learn about the subsistence culture in which the Gwich’in hunters live and the land they rely on. SRI youth and veterans will have an opportunity to practice leadership and advocacy in Washington D.C. following the deployment.

Deployment Goals

• Take grassroot efforts to protect the environment and strengthen understanding of environmental issues

• Create links among Gwich’in youth and community and SRI youth and community.

• Discuss impacts of climate change, wildlife, ecosystems, culture, etc.

• Establish Hunt camp and learn from Gwich’in hunters

• Instill community-building leadership skills in youth

• Build and repair side-by-side amongst multiple, diverse communities

• Apply conservation-minded practices

• Provide a platform for public policy and advocacy (post-deployment)

• Washington DC |Advocacy Trip

Mission Forward Project: Gwich’in community church.

Partner - US. FISH AND WILDLIFE | WILBURFORCE FOUNDATION | Alaska Wilderness League |

Deployment : Gila River

Date: March 21-28, 2020

Location : New Mexico

The Gila River, a tributary of the Colorado River in Southwest New Mexico, could be considered the birthplace of wilderness and it remains an incredibly wild and incredible place.

When one of the fathers of modern conservation, Aldo Leopold, convinced the US Forest Service that the headwaters of the Gila should be designated the world’s first primitive area back in 1924, it set the stage for the Wilderness Act of 1964. Deservingly, the Gila became the nation’s first congressionally designated Wilderness and remains the largest Wilderness Area in New Mexico.

Today the Gila, the last free-flowing river in New Mexico, remains an oasis of recreation, culture and biodiversity. The West Fork, Middle Fork, and much of the East Fork of the Gila River sit in the shadows of the Black Range along the Continental Divide and the rugged Mogollon Mountains looming at elevations upwards of 10,000 feet in the Gila Wilderness. Surrounded by a varied landscape that includes one of the world’s largest and healthiest Ponderosa Pine forests, the Gila headwaters help sustain abundant wildlife ranging from the rare Gila Trout, wild turkeys, eagles, and dusky grouse to deer, pronghorn, elk, bighorn sheep, javelina, cougars, and black bears. Several packs of reintroduced endangered Mexican wolves have established themselves in the Wilderness Area alongside the world’s largest population of rare Mexican spotted owls.

The deployment will explore this wild river's watershed and its rich ecological, cultural and spiritual values.

Deployment Goals

  • Explore the nation's first wilderness and New Mexico's last free-flowing river ecosystem and its importance as a migration corridor for wildlife.

  • Learn about living tribal cultures and history in the GIla.

  • Learn about the conservation of the rare Gila Trout.

  • Raise the awareness of Mother Nature’s healing and foster mentor relationships.

  • Learn about threats to the Gila and how to become advocates for the conservation of this national treasure.

Mission Forward Project: TBD

Partner: American River |• Washington DC Advocacy Trip


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