Veterans Everyday


On this day, we pay respect to the ones who came before us and the ones who have fallen on foreign land giving their lives for future generations to have the opportunity to speak freely, express freely, and take advantage of resources freely.

When the uniform comes off after serving, the status of ‘veteran’ is carried. Some veterans choose to keep that status quiet. Why? Bad memories, bad situations, depression and many other issues. I personally fought with these myself, and, at times, with the identity of being a veteran. For many hours, days, and nights coming back into the civilian world you realize what you have done and what you have seen – nobody understands! I personally have struggled with my demons that haunted me so deep that I needed more medication to suppress the urge to not want to exist in society just like hundreds of veterans out there. My story is not anything new but rather it is the same story that many veterans go through. I just happen to be the lucky one to have pushed through to fight a little longer.

I was disconnected from my tribe when I returned home. At one time, my tribe wore one color and we stood together on any given day in front of any given hostile situation having each others backs. Being detached and coming back to reconnect is not the same as those you once left. I have been floating through life wondering where my tribe is at and wondering how to get back home. I am among the sea of veterans looking for the simple acknowledgment that I exist in this society and no one sees my existence only when I wear my uniform or on Veterans Day. But now my uniform is in my heart and soul and my allegiance is the blood running through my veins. I make my own terms and I stand where I want to stand and, hell yes I will fish and hike where I want to on any public land and fresh water. I live by working hard and build where I am at. I teach who I can teach and share when I can in the community. I strive to make the time for the young minds who need or want the attention for their voice to be heard. My Veteran’s Day is everyday and not just the one day that has been set aside to say ‘thank you’ to a veteran. Everyday should be Veteran’s Day, where the shadows of darkness share a light for veterans to come out and be accepted and not feel disconnected. I personally feel that I am still on the battle field, just now my field I walk on is concrete and the war is now mental.

I never back down for a challenge or a fight and I am always willing to fall for another life and willing to march at the same time. Though I may not have my young legs and arms like those of an athlete but my heart is like a lion with loyalty to the people of all races and genders to protect and serve. I don’t ask for much other than your stand to look me in the eyes and see me for who I am. My serenity is what nature provides me and time when I wade in the water cleanses me. The trees symbolizes life and the dirt is where one day I will find myself return to but for now it grounds me. Today, I serve nature and all its beauty of wildness and it’s magical gifts of medicine for the soul to soak in and find peace. My Veteran’s Day is everyday and everyday is a day to serve, give, share, and protect. Everyday is a day to be thankful and hold the remembrance of why I am. The others who came before me that gives me the opportunity for positive change and to advance a young mind by experience and by nature. Everyday is a Veteran’s Day and their life symbolizes the freedom for all races, genders, and ages.

Love to all veterans and families.


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