Soul River Inc. connects each youth to nature and grow leaders as environmental ambassadors for tomorrow future mentoring by U.S. Veterans. Together we strengthen local communities and forge a sense of identity, purpose and belonging guided by Soul River Inc mission. Soul River Inc. end goal for our youth is to give our young adults a building foundation in conservation leadership providing building blocks to network and create synapses of professional working relationships with key partners of National Wildlife Refuge Association and U.S. Fish Wildlife Association. Our valuable partners plays a key role in helping our young adults shape their future to ultimately open doors in political, managerial, scientific, and educational fields. The engagement between a professional key partner and a young leader is to evoke a thought-processing dialogue on pressing issues and current events that have urgency for response. SRI and partners supports the development of these young leaders whom are ambassador of our future environment. We present to you Soul River Inc. young leaders whom will be leaving to the Florida Everglades as (LEADers) Sunday, June 18 - Monday, June 26


Our LEADers will merge with critical key leaders within the National Wildlife Refuge Association in the Florida Everglades within the conservation and environmental world and covering current dangers toward the Florida Everglades with regard to it's fragile ecosystems. LEADers will also act as field reporters when returning back to their own communities, building advocacy around the Everglades to help raise awareness. From addressing the issues to key political leaders to sharing in an open forum at City Hall to holding an online podcast - all of this presents opportunities for the youth to be a stronger voice. LEADers will also work on developing new business partnerships within the Florida Everglades and will be tasked to learn about the Wildlife Refuge systems that are within and around the Everglades.

We congratulate SRI LEADers for 2017 - Florida Everglades

Activities our youth LEADers will be learning.

Sea Turtle Nesting/Alligator Survey/Night Prowl, Canoe Trail/Python Capture Training , Swamp Slog, Water Quality with National Park Service Scientist, Water Sampling and Analyzing, Air Boat Tour, Fly Fishing and Entomology Investigation, Everglades Ecosystem Assessment, Scientific Inquiry and Journaling, Outdoor Leadership Development, Networking and Advocacy with key Industry Leaders, Kayaking/Fishing in Tarpon at Tarpon Bay Explorers, Sugar Farm/Local Rancher Visits, Covering Panther Issues

Thank you to our partners National Wildlife Refuge Association and U.S. Fish Wildlife and Services and thank you to our Supporters Orvis Fly Fishing and Intergrated Interventions LLC. Mr. Terry Edelmann and Angela Edelmann


Tuesday9:00AM - 3:00PM
Wednesday9:00AM - 3:00PM
Thursday9:00AM - 3:00PM

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