Who is Soul River, Inc. for?
Soul River, Inc. focuses on two different demographics – community youth and U.S. veterans. By experiencing Mother Nature first-hand, community youth learn self-respect and gain a keen awareness of their impact on rivers. They come to appreciate the environment and join efforts in conservation as young ambassadors. U.S. Veterans also greatly benefit from the therapeutic healing properties of fly fishing to help cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a common disorder impacting the lives of many returning veterans. With this opportunity, veterans find inner peace and a
natural healing on the river.

Soul River Inc.’s goal is to integrate education about conservation into the sport of fly fishing on rivers, ultimately to be used as a coping mechanism and healing opportunity for participants. Soul River, Inc. strives to make positive changes in the lives of community youth and U.S. veterans.

In 2014 our REACH IMPACT –

There were 84 total youth participants
Expected 81 youth from partnering youth organizations (pre-registered)
34 youth from partnering youth organizations attended
47 youth were “walk-ups”
Focused on reaching youth 10 years to 19 years
66 youth participants met this criteria

Lessons learned for next year
Have more interactive things as well as give-aways or bags of swag for those under 10 years (Survey Monkey Suggestion: Perhaps have more stuff for kids to do under 10 years old. FYI-FWS hatcheries has a portable putt-putt golf game with a salmon theme.)temp-post-image

Ethnicities of Youth Participants (84 total participants, 81 responses)


There were 81 responses to this section.
Two groups most served were Black/African American and White
Multi-racial/other category listed African American/Asian, Hispanic/American Indian, and Hispanic/Black

Lessons learned for next year
It is desirable to reach out more to Asian and Hispanic/Latino populations. One way this could happen is by connecting with a community youth organization whose target demographic is one of these groups.
More budget to use for target marketing of various print media that actually reaches these two communities in Portland (i.e., Asian Reporter.)

Residential Locations of Youth Participants (84 total participants, 79 responses)


Of the attending youth, 57% are from inner-Portland
Boundaries include westside of 82nd Ave and eastside of Portland/Beaverton boundary
One participant traveled from Central Oregon

Lessons learned for next year
In regard to location for next year’s event, it would be in our best interest to hold it at the same location or staying within North Portland


Tuesday9:00AM - 3:00PM
Wednesday9:00AM - 3:00PM
Thursday9:00AM - 3:00PM

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