Halting new oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean

Climate change has a domino damaging effect, starting in Alaska down to the lower 48 and everywhere else around the globe. Our environment is precious, and climate change can cause permanent harm to our ecosystems, wildlife, and humanity. This drives us to strongly march forth to raise our youth to be defenders of conservation.

The youth in my program come away from these adventures feeling empowered to conserve nature’s resources. Veterans teach these young people how to overcome life’s challenges and in exchange the youth give the veterans purpose in their lives. It’s that simple. The young people we work with are committed to being a part of positive change – for themselves, for the environment. There are already enough hurdles in their way. Let’s not put up more barriers to their success.

I just wanted to share this video I put together as a THANK YOU to President Obama and Secretary Jewell for halting new oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska! The Arctic Circle is a very special place to me and the youth featured in this video. I’ll share this video on social media too, so that others will know of your great leadership. Thank you for your fight against climate change and for protecting the Arctic Ocean and its wildlife, for us today and future generations.

Protect The Arctic Chukchi and Beaufort Seas

This video is about Protecting the Arctic Chukchi and Beaufort Seas


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