Anglers Quest 2015 – Quinault Indian Nation


A great gratitude of warm heart goes out to Quinault Indian Nation for opening up their home, their hearts, beautiful pristine rich forests, lakes, rivers, and coast but most importantly their sacred ground “Hanoshu Point”. We are honored to bring cultures together, merging inner-city youth and Quinault youth as one nation respecting our environment, being raised as ambassadors and to be mentored by veterans from Soul River and the Quinault nation through the art and sport of fly fishing. Giving this opportunity to youth is critical for all generations, reminding all that it is our job to protect the future of our resources together as one tribe.


Anglers Quest 2015 held on the Quinault Indian Nation sacred camp ground at Honshu point where special ceremonies reside amongst the Quinault Indian nation and a place for healing and gathering amongst friends and family. Honshu point a healing and rest place for veterans to find refuge and our youth from underserved communities to blossom in spirit and learn from veteran, elders and Quinault youth. The Quinault Nation land is one of the most natural spaces in the northwest on the Olympic peninsula! A true gem of land, water and wild life of abundance symbolizing freedom to the spirit forcing you to wonder in your own mind if this must be how it used to be many years ago before technology, machinery, industrialization. A place where man has not tampered with the environment.


3000 strong Quinault Indian nation stand fast on the ground and hold true to the tradition and customs from their ancestors to today! There is a special place where the soil is rich and the air is clean with water flowing of blue back salmon running hard and fast from the mouth of the Quinault river as I am standing between two tribal members on the beach watching these mighty fish and just 100 feet down a bald eagle lands on the beach to take rest. I can really understand and support why there are programs in place that help protect special places like this across the country. I am excited that champions like Washington’s US Senator Maria Cantwell introduced a bill to keep the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) around. And thankfully Senator Patty Murray has been working hard trying to get LWCF the full amount of funding it’s supposed to from Congress. This is important because the program supports getting all of us outdoors. And it also protects fish habitat — which is good for the fish and good for us anglers or just being in the awe of appreciation of nature! We need the LWCF to be renewed again before it is too late.


The souls runs deep in this wonderful land of nature how we connect back to the human spirit! And in most of us we find ourselves discounted when we move away from nature in general and become disconnected. We forget the basics and the awe of beauty that play a big role in our healing mentally. I can only hope our elected officials in Congress will remember what nature means to them on a deeper level of the human spirit and so they will work harder to permanently protect special public lands. But since Congress is gridlocked and is not focused on passing conservation bills, it’s important that the President Obama be able to use the Antiquities Act to create National Monuments for the American people. Not far away from here, the San Juan Islands National Monument is a great example of a monument created through the Antiquities Act. And Washington’s US Senator Maria Cantwell was a strong supporter of creating the new monument, where we can all access our amazing public lands and waters.


A deep thankfulness to our veterans, volunteers and the partners and agencies. The blessings are so deep within the soul that there is not a thank you big enough. Rather a blanket of humility that reminds us what community is all about, what parents are for and why the role of elders in communities is critical. This shows a strong presence of generations with the utmost respect and reverence.


Thank you humbly to Quinault Indian Nation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Native Fish Society, , Searun Pursuits, Trout Unlimited, LOOP USA, COSTA, EVOLTWIN, City of Vancouver Parks and Recreation, PPS Title VII Indian Education.


Thank you,
Chad Brown


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