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American Fisheries Society Awards Soul River Inc. Runs Wild - Soul River Inc.


American Fisheries Society Awards Soul River Inc. Runs Wild


2015 American Fisheries Society’s 145th Annual International Meeting that will be held at the Oregon Convention Center on August 16-20, 2015. Founded in 1870, the American Fisheries Society (AFS) is the oldest and largest professional organization for fisheries scientists with over 9,000 members worldwide. The Annual Meeting in Portland brought in a diverse audience of over 3,500 attendees. AFS decided to initiate a host city donation program and make a donation to a Portland-based non-profit that demonstrated the principles of environmental and social responsibility. Soul River Runs Wild was chosen to receive the 2015 American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting Host City Donation of $1700.00 for Soul River Inc. Runs-Wild.



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